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Over the last few years of using a GoPro I have developed my own set of 30 unique presets specifically for GoPro images in all kinds of conditions, whether you’re on a tropical surf trip or snowboarding in the mountains, this pack is made for all your adventures!

Although these presets are "condition-specific" which are labelled accordingly, don’t let that stop you from using a snow preset on a tropical image and visa versa. Presets are used as a starting block so don’t always expect one touch to create all the magic, you should always look at making minor tweaks after applying a preset!

Another thing to note is most of my presets increase the exposure value. This is mostly due to my personal pro-tune settings having the EV set at -0.5.
My Personal protune settings are: GoPro Color, EV -0.5, iso-min 100, iso-max 100(sometimes 200 or 400), Sharpness-Low, WB-auto.
the only things I really change depending on lighting and conditions are EV and iso.

Here's a basic break down of some of the presets and how I use them in certain photos!

The Go-To Presets:
These presets are named for that exact reason, they are my go-to presets for most photos! And with 4 different Go-To presets to choose from you can just see how versatile these presets are just on their own! Some of these Presets have even worked on some photos from my DJI Mavic!

Dome Presets:

These images use the Dome presets in my preset pack, all this pictures are shot using the GoPro with the GDOME(link to gdome website). These 3 example photos were actually shot with the GoPro HERO4, HERO6, and HERO6 Respectively. As you can see with the HERO6 unedited images the new firmware in the HERO6 adjusts for being underwater so that you don't need to use a snorkel filter, which is great but can result in a purple sky at times, The Dome Presets will help adjust for this, especially the Dome Bahamas filter. Some of the Go-to presets also work really well for dome pics as shown in the Go-to before and after comparison above.


Cloud Sky pop:
Any time I see these kinds of clouds in the sky I get excited because I know how great they are going to look with this preset, these are my favourite conditions for shooting GoPro content because the white of the clouds creates a good contrast to the sky to allow the deep blue colours to really come through. The images below all use the Cloud Sky pop presets.


Sunset/Sunrise Presets:
These presets work great to make your sunset or sunrise shots pop! You can even make a sunrise look like a sunset or a sunset look like a sunrise! There are a total of 10 Sunset/sunrise presets to choose from in this pack!

Snow Presets:
These are the presets I use on a snowboard and ski trip. There are presets made for overcast powder days, Sunny Days in the Park and even those epic sunsets before the last ride down. There are 7 different Snow Presets in this Pack.


Mixing it up:
These presets are just a guideline to what images I think they will work best on but don't let that stop you from using a snow preset on a tropical image or Go-To preset on a sunset shot! I purposely made this pack with so many presets because sometimes a preset you wouldn't expect to use on a shot, ends up working out best, which is another reason why I didn't split this pack into multiple different preset packs.


Easy steps for you to follow

1. Buy and download the presets pack

2. Follow the included instructions

3. Share your new photos with your audience


The following presets have been tailored for GoPro photos ONLY. Any other photograph taken on a device other than a GoPro may not result in the desired effects. In addition to this, Chris Rogers shoots primarily at an EV compensation below zero and therefore these presets may leave your GoPro photograph overexposed once you have applied his preset and will therefore need to adjust this accordingly.



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